At City Air Technologies we combine living plants with our airflow engineering technology to provide a plant-based solution to air pollution. Our bespoke green wall solutions enhance urban environments and improve air quality for all.

Our Vision

To create a network of living green wall Active Plant Units across our urbanised areas that provide a natural solution for air pollution, in order to:

Produce clean and healthy air at street level throughout the year

Decrease the human and economic costs of air pollution for the NHS

Help boroughs meet their air quality targets, improving public health

Provide an online platform for awareness and education

Improve the quality of air indoors, where we live, work & socialise

Robert Stoutzker
Robert StoutzkerCo-Founder & CEO
Over a decade ago, Robert stepped away from 25 years in Corporate Finance and Research to pursue his passion for garden design and in this time he has developed a successful business around edible landscapes. As CEO & founder Robert’s role is to bring our passionate CAT team together & steer the company to achieving its goal of significantly reducing pollution on the streets of London, other UK cities and eventually throughout Europe.
Armando Raish
Armando RaishCo-Founder & COO
With over 20 years' experience of architectural & landscape design, Armando is the person you’re most likely to meet on site. He is inspired by the benefits that vertical gardening can offer, including increased biodiversity, noise reduction & improved air quality. Armando continues to innovate & develop solutions that make living walls a viable option, from passive irrigation systems to active pollution-reducing walls. He has now helped to deliver over 130 living wall projects across the UK & Europe.

Collaborate & Participate

We are always looking for potential partners, participants & collaborators who can help us achieve our vision of cleaner urban air. If you want to get involved, please get in touch here.